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“We don’t want to be copy of others,SIC must contribute to the field of soil engineering by enhancing existing machinery and adding new technologies”

SIC five years business plan April 2018

Research and Development

From the early start of SIC, Research and Development was an essential element in the company business plans, our research is focused on Soil engineering methods, production elements, Enhancing machines components and producing new machines for new techniques Although all this work is being done till now by SIC operation team, we’ve made significant breakthroughs in
– Getting new records for old ground improvement methods such like HEIC.
– Implementing a new method RIR.
– Manufacturing several components for soil improvement machinery
– And several other technical trials such like strengthening the soil by chemical for optimizing roads and pavement designs.
To support all of our research in this field, we are planning to stabilize a research and development division by 2021, in order to systematize and also to have some partnerships that give us access to an entirely new spectrum of ideas and innovative thinking.

If you have a new idea in the field of soil engineering, and you need help in performing a trial ,simply send a mail to ,we will help you in evaluating this idea and performing a real trial to validate it.