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For compacting the materials of 100m road in Saudi Arabia, you may need 1000,000 liter of water …. what are we doing about it?

Environment and Sustainability

Soil improvement techniques improve and modify the geotechnical properties of soil with the minimum effect on environment. In SIC we did several studies considering the comparison of environmental impacts of using soil improvement methods for in terms of water saving,minimizing the required number of machinery versus using the traditional rolling in case of fill compaction, the full excavation and soil replacement and the deep foundation solutions.
Based on the main Challenge in GCC area, the environmental concerns in SIC studies was focused on the water saving, produced

CO2 from the machinery ….in the coming future we will be working on the impact of minimizing the usage of Portland cement, by
– Avoiding the piling foundation by using soil improvement methodologies.
– Reducing the dimensions of footing after performing soil improvement.
In SIC we care about environmental impact of our solution as part of our contribution in sustainability, where we always believe that: “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean”